Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Invisible Kid (1988): See it here...or don't. I don't care.

After 17 minutes of watching this, you will see why those 17 minutes were worth the terrible horrible excruciating pain.  I play, as you might have guessed, Dr. Theodore.  After my first scene I give you permission, Ladies and Gentlemen to skip ahead to the 56:56 mark.  Enjoy me.

The meager half-whit who runs this blog is merely relaying information and does not own or claim to own any of this festering refuse of a film.  If you wish to punish someone, go after he who posted it on Youtube in the first place.  I wouldn't blame you, but I wouldn't forgive you.  Which is more than you can say for yourself!

APPLE PIE (1976)

Watch for me at the 40 second mark.  I played Papa.  To be honest neither myself, nor anyone involved, knew exactly what the hell this film was supposed to be about. 


Monday, June 23, 2014

A Nose (1966)

Below you will see a film written by Nikolai Gogol.  You will recognize the voice of the narrator and look for flashes of my endearing visage as it appears before you.

So sorry, Uncle Albert.

My mother, Margarete "Grete" Gottlieb-Lebach with her friend and mine, Albert Einstein.  The had a not so secret affair as documented by many who knew him and hinted at in his letters to my mother.  It was he who helped me get to America after my expulsion from Switzerland.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Family History: Nailbiters, Punks, Fishmongers, etc.

I begin as I began

The above shows my original birth record November 11, 1906 in Vienna, Austria.  My parents Emil and Margarete are listed as well as my grandfather and namesake Theodor Tobias Gottlieb.
Below, the full record shown.

Below, a very minimal family tree to give you an idea of he who has captured your heart, Theodor "Teddy" Gottlieb also known as Theodore Gottlieb, or Theodor Gottlieb-Lebach.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Black Widow (1947): I am Hitomu.

Watch for my grand entrance at the 11 minute mark.

In the 4th chapter I manifest at the 2 1/2 minute mark.  "POOF!"

At 3:46 below

At: 4:06

at 3:35, they let me get out of the damn chair...then I die.